Girls Love Tech

To educate, build, and support outstanding females to become leaders in technology

What we do


Teach young female students about the diverse roles available in technology


Source, train, and place high-potential graduates in indigenous tech companies


Give professional women in the industry a platform to connect, learn, and make an impact

The problem

Less than 11% of the African technology workforce is represented by females


45% fewer women than men, in Sub-Saharan Africa have access to the Internet


Our aims & objectives

Source talented female graduates and teach them key technology and professional development skills to give them an edge over their peers.

Give professional women in technology a platform to connect with each other and industry leaders, foster continuous skills building, and map and execute their best career paths.

Create awareness among young girls in secondary schools to show them the vast potential and opportunities of building a career in technology.

Create equal opportunities for less-privileged females to access, and succeed in the technology industry.

Our Training Program

Are you an unemployed female with a passion for tech, but not enough skills? Our dedicated training & career mapping will help you land a job in 15 - 16 weeks.

Career Mapping

Our Partners

Become a Trainer

We rely on Expert Trainers who are interested in giving back their time and resources, to mentor and coach candidates.

As a GLT Trainer, you will be paired with one or many candidate(s) (max. 4) to provide guidance and support for the period of their training, usually 16 weeks. For flexibility and remote access, all technical training courses are available online to allow the candidates to study by themselves. These will be provided to the trainer and candidate(s) accordingly.

Initially, the trainer will introduce the candidate to the course and then schedule regular check ins throughout their program to ensure completion. Trainers are required to provide regular updates on their candidate’s progress with GLT. They can also provide additional training and testing material, at their discretion, which will be reviewed with GLT before incorporating into the candidate’s training program.

Support GLT

We have various ways in which individuals and companies can offer support. See more details below:

Become a GLT ambassador.
You will act as a champion for the foundation by seeking and securing candidates, trainers and partners – individuals and institutions. You will promote the platform and foundation to press and media, and also assist with planning and executing key events, like Assessment Days, Founder Series, Offline workshops, etc. Where possible, you will help the foundation secure funding, grants, and donations.

Become a GLT partner.
As a recruiting partner, your company will commit to giving preferential access to GLT candidates during recruitment cycles, by admitting referred candidates into the interview step of the process. As a non-recruiting partner, you will provide resources to help with training and administrative work. These include but are not limited to laptops, Internet access, online training course materials, office space for offline sessions/events, funding, etc.

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